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Where can I review Check Amounts?

To view check amounts:
  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to Reports > Transaction Reports > Check Amounts.
  2. Click Open Report
  3. Select a date or date range.
  4. Click Apply Changes...
The total under Check Amount is the exact amount of the check that was/will be sent for the selected period.
Note: to see your payout amount select the same week in both boxes to ensure you are only seeing data for one week at a time.

What report shows today's transactions?

There are two reports that will help you view your transactions for today in different ways:
Both reports can be accessed by the following steps:
  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to Reports > Transaction Reports.
  2. Select the report desired.
  3. Click Open Report.
  4. Select a date or date range.
  5. Click Apply Changes.
The Credit/Check Transactions report allows you to enter a date range and customize the columns that are returned.
This report gives you with information for the date range about single billing, recurring, rebills, gross, refunds, chargebacks, voids, returned checks, and affiliate deductions. It also gives you a nat amount, your gross minus deductions for the week.

This is the closest view of what your next week's check may be (fees not shown).

Additionally you can break dow the values more by clicking the blue hyperlinks or an option in the Breakdown By column.

The Chargeback/Refund/Void report gives a breakdown of the deductions coming out of your account vi chargebacks, refunds, and voids and a grand total of those amounts for the timeframe selected. You may also break down the report by billing method and country to see where those transactions are coming from.

How can I view my sign up form traffic?

Traffic may be viewed in our Form Hits report.
  1. In the Admin Portal, navigate to Reports > Transaction Reports > Form Hits.
  2. Click Open Report.
  3. Select a date or date range.
  4. Click Apply Changes.
This report displays traffic doming into specific forms, submissions, and approvals. Additional Breakdown By options are available for further analysis.



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