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SNRCash Affiliate Terms of Service

The following terms must be followed when promoting our websites.

Acceptable Content Use

Please use only content found on SNRCash to promote our sites unless given permission otherwise. If you have been granted permission to grab content from our sites, keep in mind we have models who don't want their content promoted by affiliates so you may be asked to remove it.

Please do not use more than 15 galleries or 25 videos per site unless otherwise given permission to do so.

Please do not crop off our image / video watermarks.


Please advertise models properly. Do not advertise a model incorrectly by saying they will do something they do not do. For example, do not advertise a model is nude if they do not get nude. Also, this is self explanitory, but do not spam. If we find that you are spamming any of our sites through email blasts or any other annoying method we will suspend your account.

Degrading Terms

When advertising, please only use terms that are complimentary to the models. Do not refer to the models in a degrading way. For example, do not call a model a slut, whore, etc.


No domains with any of our website names or model names will be allowed. For example, do not create a site called CamWithHerGirls.com or VictoriaRayeCamgirl.com.

Social Media Accounts

Please do not create fake profiles of any of our models. This is strictly prohibited and will result in suspension.


If you promote multiple cam sites, do not use any of our models to promote any other cam site.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our terms.



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